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Central Park in downtown Johnstown PA

Thanks to our sponsors!  See which of your neighbors are on board with their generous donations here

The Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership  kicked off The Christmas Tree @ Central Park Fundraiser in February with a goal to raise $80,000 to purchase a 36 foot tall LED, programmable Christmas tree for Central Park in Downtown Johnstown.  It was announced in October that the Partnership purchased the tree although they continue to ask for donations, falling just short of their goal.  The Partnership worked with Jeff Konicky, an electrical engineer, to program and synchronize the tree to holiday music.  The synchronized show includes six carols and is thirteen minutes in length.  The Christmas tree is 36 feet tall with 354 branches, 72,240 LED lights and a 4 foot tall star!  The animated tree show runs continuously from 12pm-1pm and 5pm-11pm daily.  On Saturdays, the animated show will start at 6pm after a live performance group in the gazebo concludes.  Our goal is to animate more of the park in future years, so additional donations are needed.  The Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership is thrilled to be able to share what was once a vision, and now a tall reality, with the Johnstown community!        

We still need to complete funding.  To donate please send your donation to our address, PO Box 882 Johnstown, PA  15907-0882 or donate online through our GoFundMe account

Or you can donate at Classy.org

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It is true what they say...the downtown is the heart of the community.  And nowhere is that more true than here in the beautiful Conemaugh Valley where Joseph Johns first saw the endless potential for a thriving community.


We at the Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Johns. The tradition of living, playing, working, shopping and dining in downtown Johnstown is reviving and there is so much for all of us to enjoy.


This site is where the Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership, a consortium of business leaders, residents, city staff and elected officials, keeps you informed of our momentum toward an even cleaner, safer and more inviting downtown Johnstown. It is also where you find ways to join us as we strive to make downtown everything it can be for residents and for tourists.


Together we can make Downtown Johnstown a premier destination in the Commonwealth.  It is already happening!  Come see for yourself.  Downtown Johnstown...Shop, Dine, Explore!


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